Star Trek: Abduction

May 31 and June 2 at The Plaza Live

Go where no opera has gone before when Opera Orlando brings the heralded Pacific Opera Project’s wild and fantastic resetting of Mozart’s Turkish brothel comedy into space and the distant future aboard the Starship Enterprise. Tickets start at $29.  


Captain James T. Belmonte: Brian Cheney

Constanze: Brittany Renee Robinson

Mr. Pedrillo (Spock): Robert Norman

Klingon Osmin: Andrew Potter

Klingon Selim: Johnathan Iverson

Blondie: Vanessa Rodriguez

Conductor: Robin Jensen
Director: Joshua Shaw

Costumes provided by Pacific Opera Project
Set provided by Salt Marsh Opera

Original Production: Pacific Opera Project
Original Concept: Joshua Shaw


“The staging is yet another creative bit of genius from Josh Shaw, the raw creative force and driving factor... Abductionfrom the Sergalio is over-the-top homage to the series and its lead characters... And it works in a big way... a tribute to a series embedded in pop culture itself and exposure to live music, Mozart, singing, appears Shaw and his troupe has succeeded in their mission. I am not a fan, well, I'm not a fan of traditional opera; Pacific Opera Project-- I love.

And others like L.A. Opera are taking note and staging unconventional presentations of classics all around the country. Opera is reinventing, changing, and reaching for millennials. Shaw is bringing them in, hundreds at a time, along with the older opera crowd looking for something new and fresh... It's fun to find something new, something groundbreaking, an expansion and growth of art that's thriving; dreams being reached instead of dashed in a business of broken hopes. In five years the troupe will have their choice of stages and stars...”


                                                                                                                                                                                         --The Huffington Post


“Don’t question it. The results are strangely glorious. And whether you are a rabid Star Trek fan or just versed enough to get by in pop culture, this zany and pitch-perfect opera triumphs in pure laugh-out-loud hilarity... the wordplay of the English translation was excellent. Josh Shaw, artistic director of POP, spearheaded this entertaining comedy and did a fabulous job in concept and execution of “bold” new vision. This version brings Mozart’s music, and opera as a genre, to a whole new audience, for which I am grateful... It is a shame so few shows were shown. Hopefully, publicity and audience enthusiasm will bring this fabulous and entertaining opera back into theatres soon!”

                                                                                                                                                                                        --Pasadena Independent


“This is not like any opera text you have ever heard and it generated laughs from the entire audience due to the comical and overly sexual nature of Shaw's new English libretto... The new libretto is heavy on laughs and is sure to quote nearly every catch phrase and iconic line from the much-loved sci-fi series. But not to worry if you are not a Trekker and have no knowledge of the inside references and jokes placed throughout the opera. The story is complete unto itself, so don't worry if you fail to understand the laughs from the rest of the Trekker-filled audience... sold-out shows certainly reflect the popularity of Star Trek as well as opera fans in Los Angeles. I am sorry to say there have been no additional performances added after this weekend, a fact I hope will soon be remedied by Josh Shaw and Stephen Karr as I know once word gets out, this marvelous production would continue to sell out for months at the El Portal or anywhere else it is staged. Live long and prosper!"

                                                                                                                                                                                        --Broadway World